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avi.NET allows you to convert a dvd movie, clip, your favourite episode of lost, or whatever else you require from a dvd to an AVI movie file. For their size, AVI files can be excellent quality and you can fit between three and six good quality movies on a single dvdr disk. avi.NET also allows you to select different audio tracks if you require and even choose subtitles to encode into the AVI file. avi.NET allows you to encode an AVI using the latest versions of either the DivX codec or XviD codec.

Select 'IN' and choose an MPEG-1 (VCD) or MPEG-2 (DVD, HDTV, SVCD) media file. avi.NET will index the file (could take several minutes for a full movie) then automatically start displaying the movie in its preview window. The 'OUT' button brings up a dialog for you to select the folder and filename for the AVI, if no selection is made, the AVI file will be placed in the same folder as the MPG/VOB file you loaded in. The 'START' button will start the conversion process though this will not be enabled until you have clicked 'ADD' which adds the current file, with settings, to the batch list. The 'LOAD' and 'SAVE' buttons allow you to save the job list as many jobs can be added. Great for overnight conversions.

The automatic preview allows you to have a 'real-time' look at the proposed conversion, you can select the size, hear the audio track/language and even display and see the subtitles, if available. There are three options you can choose when it comes to encoding. You can use SIZE mode, BITRATE mode, QUALITY mode. SIZE mode is the most common and will convert you movie to a required size, for main movies use the preset sizes. For clips, music videos e.t.c. select 'Custom' and input your required size. BITRATE mode is initialised by clicking the 'Force Video Bitrate' and the encode will use the bitrate shown. QUALITY mode is a single pass quality based mode which uses the chosen quantiser to obtain a fixed quality throughout the encode. Higher numbers are lower quality and vice versa. Final file size using this mode is unknown.

The required audio track can also be chosen here (also subtitles), default (first track) is usually fine. Clicking the 'Keep AC3' will keep the AC3 track in the final conversion rather than convert it to MP3. Subtitles need to be indexed before they are used. The 'Forced' option will include forced subtitles only. External will create seperate sub files.

Screen width allows you to select your required width for the final AVI file. When this option is changed the movies aspect ratio is re-calculated to allow the shape to stay correct, slight adjustments can be made by using the height - and + buttons. You can trim the edges of the movie allowing a nice crisp edge, this is important for encoding. The - and + buttons are refering the the amount of cut. When cutting is used, the amount of cut is displayed on the preview window. Four AVISynth filters follow, de-interlacing is needed for movies that are interlaced and display artefacts (jaggies / combing) on screen, which are quite unsightly. A smoothing and sharpening filter is also selectable to allow a slighly smoother effect or sharpness added to the encode. Higher autocrop changes the threshold to allow more automatic edge removal. Be careful with this on dark movies, it may take too much off and completely destroy the shape (ratio) of the screen though all changes are seen in real-time so if anything goes wrong you can just de-select.

Select either the DivX or XviD codec depending on your preference. Advanced encode mode uses different codec settings which in theory deliver a 'better' quality encode, though conversion time is increased. Remove .TEMP removes the temporary files used for the preview and conversion and I think shutdown PC needs no explaination.

A few other important instructions: The bottom right corner of avi.NET contains three time boxes, these refer to H:MM:SS (hours:minutes:seconds). Enter a specific time, press RETURN, and the preview will jump to that section within the movie. Selecting a job in the batch box will display a little pop-up giving brief information for that encode. Right-clicking a selection in the box gives options to allow you to move up, down, and delete the required encode. Also, right-clicking the preview display, and also the information log window displayed during the encode, with give you options to minimise avi.NET. avi.NET is a .NET application thus requires the latest Microsoft .NET Framework (windows update). avi.NET is a Windows XP/Vista application.

avi.NET v2.5.6.0 (1.80MB) - released 14th September 2007
1. More amendments to error handling routines.
2. Slight aesthetic changes.
3. Slight context menu changes.
4. Deleting of TEMP folder when inputs are identical now bypassed.
5. Fixed a couple of warning dialog issues.
6. Fixed a subtitle load error.
7. Mobile profiles will now be used when 320 width selected.
8. Altered FORCE_FILM thresholds.
9. Slight changes to information displayed at start of encode.
10. In & Out file dialog paths remembered seperately, even during program re-loads.]

  Aggiornato il: 01/03/08
  Downloads effettuati: 515
  Sistema operativo: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  Lingua del software: Inglese
  Licenza utilizzo: Freeware
  Sito ufficiale: Clicca qui per il link...
  Dimensione su disco: 1,8 Mb
  Tempo download: 6 secondi con connessione ADSL 2464 Kb

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